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Today Date : Monday, May 27, 2024

TASMAC charges Rs.10 more per bottle, refunds on returning unbroken bottles

TASMAC charges Rs.10 more per bottle, refunds on returning unbroken bottles

In a bid to reduce environmental pollution caused by liquor consumers, TASMAC liquor shops in Yercaud have introduced a scheme of charging Rs 10 more per bottle and  paying back the extra money on return of the bottle.TASMAC has retail outlets in Ondikadai, Pottukadu and Semanatham. Tourists and local liquor drinkers buy alcoholic drinks from these shops. Most of them consume liquor in tourist spots or and many 
also sit on the parapet walls of the ghat road and consume the drinks.

They leave the bottles and plastic wastes and packing materials and some break the bottles and cause danger to the public and the wildlife. To reduce the pollution and harm caused to the public by these menacing activities of liquor consumers, the Salem District administration has announced a new scheme.

When liquor is bought from these shops in Yercaud, a token for Rs 10 bearing the shop number is stuck on the bottle. The buyers are charge Rs 10 more than the MRP (Maximum Retail Price). The liquor buyers can get the Rs 10 back by returning the bottle with the token sticker intact.

The scheme was introduced in all the three TASMAC shops in the hill station on Wednessday. Banners announcing the scheme have been put up near the shops. 
Many of the liquor buyers returned the bottles and took the refund. 
The scheme will  reduce the practice of discarding and breaking liquor bottles and thus help protect the environment said officials.