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Today Date : Friday, June 21, 2024

Teachers strike: The humanity of the Chief Minister!

Teachers strike: The humanity of the Chief Minister!

In Tamil Nadu, there is a difference in basic pay between secondary teachers recruited in May 2009 and secondary teachers recruited from June of the same year. It is said that the basic pay of these teachers has been reduced by Rs.3,170. More than 2,000 secondary school teachers along with their families have been on a continuous hunger strike at Prof.

Anbazagan Education Complex in Nungambakkam, Chennai, demanding equal pay for equal work, to remove this discrepancy. It is a matter of great distress that 100 teachers who took part in the protest fainted and were admitted to the hospital for treatment.
The teachers' strike continued for the 6th day after negotiations with School Education Secretary,KakarlaUsha and School Education Minister Anbil Mahesh failed. 

Amidst this, the Chief Minister M. K. Stalin announced that a committee will be formed to study the demand of secondary teachers. Following this announcement by the Chief Minister, the protest of secondary teachers has been called off. Chief Minister M. K. Stalin's approach in ending the six-day hunger strike by the teachers is welcome.

In this regard, J. Robert, General Secretary of Intermediate Registration Senior Teacher Movement, said, "It is a heartening response that a committee has been set up to consider our request.  We are ending the hunger strike based on the Chief Minister's announcement in the hope that the demand will be resolved soon," he said. 

Various teachers unions including the Tamil Nadu Graduate Teachers Federation have welcomed the Chief Minister's announcement. The current Tamil Nadu government led by M.K.Stalin has been trying to make a transition from an empty treasury to fiscal consolidation. In this case, the faculty members are not unaware that the Union Government is not giving us the rightful share and by causing financial crisis, it is also conducting indirect non-cooperation against the 'Dravidian model' government.

The demand of teachers has attracted the attention of the government, and after two talks,  the Tamil Nadu government has announced that it will set up a separate committee and consider its opinion, which is a sign that our teachers have achieved 50 percent success in this issue. 

Understanding this and ending the struggle is commendable. Teachers and government employees should think pragmatically about the financial situation of the government. 
At the same time, there is no doubt that the Chief Minister will also consider the side of justice in the demand of the teachers to get rid of the contradictions and give a better solution.

Our teachers are not ignorant of the fact that this government is a good government for all parties.  Knowing the fair demand of the teachers, let us express our appreciation to the historical hero for social justice Chief Minister M.K.Stalin who formed the committee!