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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

‘The CineFiles’reveals 98%Indiansbelieve the Cinematic Magic

‘The CineFiles’reveals 98%Indiansbelieve the Cinematic Magic

In a testament to the enduring love affair between Indian audiences and the silver screen, BookMyShow, India’s leading entertainment destination launched its latest reporttitled ‘The CineFiles’, decoding India’s favourite entertainment choice – ‘Movies on the Big Screen’. 


Capturing the pulse on India’s cinema-watching habits ahead of this National Cinema Day, age and geographies no bar, the report revealed that 98% Indians believe cinematic magic can only be brought alive on the big screen with a third of them attributing it to certain directors, themes, VFX amongst others.The survey respondents comprised a mix of 41% GenZ along with 59% Millennial and GenX audiences going gaga about movies and their magic in this survey. 

Commenting on the launch of BookMyShow’s report The CineFiles, Ashish Saksena, COO – Cinemas, BookMyShow, said, "The enduring love for movies over the years remains unshaken. First day, first shows continue as a sacred tradition for many fans, inspiring cheers, whistles and endless applause at the sight of beloved stars on the big screen."

The incorporation of cutting-edge technologies and immersive cinematic experiences has further heightened the magic of the big screen. Asthe curtains rise on this new era, the Indian movie landscape witnesses a new generation of audiences experiencing the magic on the big screen and remains poised for even greater heights. With an array of captivating films on the horizon, audiences can look forward to a continued enchantment with the magic of cinema.