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Today Date : Friday, May 24, 2024

The Grand Old Party of India is leading in 118 seats  Congress gets majority in Karnataka

The Grand Old Party of India is leading in 118 seats Congress gets majority in Karnataka

The Congress has won the Karnataka state assembly polls with single majority and would form the government in the state. 
A meeting with elected Congress MLAs likely to take place in the city on Sunday.
After the term of ruling BJP government has come to an end, the election commission has announced election for all the 224 constituencies in the state and the election took place on May 10. 
With political leaders including Prime Minister Narendra Modi and home minister Amit Shah camping in the state, it became a battleground for two major national political parties – the Congress and the BJP.  
Parties including Janata Dal (secular), Communist party of India, Communist party of India (Marxist), Aam Aadmi Party and Bahujan Samaj party also fielded their candidates in the election.
When the counting of votes commenced on Saturday morning, there was a tough battle between the candidates of the Congress and the BJP. 
But, as time passed, the Congress has started to take the lead. The Congress was leading in three out of six regions – Hyderabad-Karnataka region, Mumbai-Karnataka region and Mysuru with a huge margin. 
As of 2 pm, Congress was leading in 135 seats, BJP in 65 seats and JD(S) in 20 seats. 
Encouraged by the trend, Congress party men had started their celebrations in front of the party headquarters in New Delhi.
As per the results, the Congress has obtained enough majority in the state that was required to form the government. 
The Congress leaders had delved into the next course of action. Candidates who won the election, were advised by the party leaders to gather at a private hotel in the city after obtaining their winning certificate from election officials. 
The Congress has been expected to hold a meeting with its candidates on Saturday. The candidates were likely to be flown to the city.