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Today Date : Friday, June 21, 2024

TN to seek centre's nod to help sri lankan people

TN to seek centre's nod to help sri lankan people

 resolution was passed in the Tamilnadu‘s legislative assembly today that would allow the state government to seek permission from the Central government to help Tamils in Sri Lanka who are languishing in the economic crisis in the island country.

Introducing the motion on this resolution Chief Minister M.K Stalin also addressed the assembly members. He said the country which was surrounded by seawater is now surrounded by tears. Any problem in Sri Lanka becomes a part of our blood, emotions, and life itself. To ensure the welfare of Sri Lankan Tamils we had been placing several political ideas at different times in history. 

Culture dissipated the Sri Lankan people and left them somewhere. Yet today it is this government’s stand that we have to help them in need. On the whole, the state of the Sri Lankan people has deteriorated badly. We can’t see it as another country’s problem. We cannot consider who rules that country and what kind of people they are. I want to state that we have to render the help that is possible.

 We have to help the entire Sri Lankan people. Listing the essential items that the Tamilnadu Government has decided to the Chief Minister said particularly the state government would arrange to send, 40,000 tons of rice worth Rs 80 crore, 137 varieties of life-saving drugs valued at Rs 28 crore, 500 tones of milk food for children valued at Rs 150 crore. We desire to send these items to the people of Sri Lanka. As the state government cannot send them directly we have to send them only through the Indian embassy in Sri Lanka with permission from the Government of India. 

The Chief Minister further stated that he had placed the request to the Government of India immediately when the problem arose in Sri Lanka. When I visited New Delhi also I placed the request directly to the Prime Minister. But till today there is no response from the central government.

But now the situation has worsened. Quoting a Thirukural couplet on the value of giving in time, the Chief Minister said help should be done on a humanitarian basis and in time. This is what the people of Tamilnadu also expect. 

With this objective, I consider it a duty to propose the in the assembly. He said that the state government was ready to send to the people of Sri Lanka on a humanitarian basis, rice, dhal, milk food, and life-saving drugs. A letter seeking permission from the union government has already been sent, No clear response has been received so far said the Chief Minister He further said that the state assembly appealed to the union government to grant the needed permit to send essential goods like food and medicines to the people of Sri Lanka. This resolution must be supported by all members raising above party affiliations appealed the Chief Minister. Including AIADMK, BJP all parties supported the passing of the resolution.