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Today Date : Sunday, June 23, 2024

To eradicate  casteism, awareness is essential!

To eradicate casteism, awareness is essential!

When two youths returned home after bathing in the TamiraParani river area of Nellai Mani Murtheeswaram in the evening, a gang intoxicated with alcohol and ganja in the area waylaid the two youths and attacked them.When they came to know that they were from a dowtrodden caste, they stripped the two, urinated on them and humiliated them. This is not only indecent and highly reprehensible but also shameful.
It is welcome that those involved in this heinous act have been arrested immediately. 
Considering the caste hatred behind the attack on a school student belonging to an oppressed community in Nangunerip area a month ago, the last year's brutality in Venkaiwayal and the current attack, doubts arise if there is any background behind such events.
It cannot be ignored that there is a possibility that those who think that riots should be provoked through caste and religious issues may have worked in the background.
The police should find out. 
Those who instigate, foster and patronize caste-religious hatred must be identified and their activities rooted out.
Such incidents remind us that state-wide awareness is essential. 
It has become urgent & necessary to rescue people from casteism.
The Tamil Nadu government led by M.K.Stalin should immediately carry out this great work. 
Social justice activists of all castes should join hands with the government.
Only then will there be a permanent solution to protect people from casteism.