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Today Date : Saturday, April 20, 2024

Traders' family welfare aid hiked to  Rs 3 lakhs : CM announces in Trader's meet

Traders' family welfare aid hiked to Rs 3 lakhs : CM announces in Trader's meet

The welfare aid for families of the traders is being increased to Rs 3 lakhs announced Tamilnadu Chief Minister, M.K Stalin while speaking at the traders' conference in Trichy today.

The Confederation of Traders' Associations of Tamilnadu organized its 39th. Traders' Day and a conference named "Vidiyal" in Samayapuram in Trichy. The Confederation's President Vikramaraja presided over the event. 

The Chief Minister attended the conference as a special guest and also gave away awards to veteran and aged traders. In his speech, Stalin said, the DMK government under Karunanidhi created a welfare board for the traders and has been providing various aids to them. The DMK Government was always keen to promote the welfare of traders said, Stalin.

" I appreciate the traders who donated money during the coronavirus pandemic. We have started to help the people in Sri Lanka. We have rendered help to people when we were in the opposition also" said Stalin.
Recalling the arrests of traders who protested the entry tax brought by the AIADMK government, Stalin said that only if the traders' welfare is ensured the government will get its revenue. 

" The relief aid of Rs 1 lakh given when a trader dies will be hiked to Rs 3 lakhs. The immediate relief of Rs 5,000 given in the event of fire accidents is being raised to Rs 20,000. Henceforth the traders and businessmen can renew their permits once in three years.
Mr.Govindarajalu, General Secretary welcomed the participants. Sathakathullah, Treasurer read the conference resolutions.

Following the participation in the traders' conference, the Chief Minister returned from Trichy to Chennai in a special flight.

Tight security involving 750 strong police force was thrown in Trichy under the overall command of Commissioner of Police, Karthikeyan, and under the supervision of Superintendent of Police Sujith Kumar.