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Today Date : Friday, July 12, 2024

Traffic diversion in Coimbatore city

Traffic diversion in Coimbatore city

The work of constructing a flyover on Avinasi Road is progressing rapidly. So far, 272 out of 306 piers have been constructed. Out of the remaining 34 pillars, 22 are at major intersections such as Hope College Junction, Panmal Junction, PSG. College of Arts, Esso Bunk Junction, Nava India, Lakshmi Mill, GKNM Hospital, Anna Statue, Jails.

Only when all these 22 piers are constructed, continuous runways can be constructed. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the signals at these intersections and install temporary signals at the required place to re-route the traffic. 

 In the first phase, the officials of the Highways Department and the Transport Department conducted a field survey to modify the traffic to allow for the construction of an overpass at the Panmal junction. 

So, the officials sought the cooperation of the public to the changes made in the traffic system in Coimbatore city.