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Today Date : Monday, May 20, 2024

Train passengers have difficulties because of North Indian workers?

Train passengers have difficulties because of North Indian workers?

As Tamil Nadu is one of the most developed states in India, a large number of northerners are looking for jobs in Tamil Nadu. Northerners who come to Tamil Nadu also make it a habit to visit their state for important festivals.

They mostly use rail transport to go to their state. There is a frequent occurrence of some of them with un-reserved tickets are boarding the reserved coach instead of traveling in the unreserved coach. Due to this, the people who have booked in the train are facing a lot of difficulties.

Moreover, for the past few months, people who have made reservations have been affected by the Northerners travelling in the reservation compartment and they have been complaining to the Railway Police, due to which the Northerners are being dropped in the middle of the journey.

In this situation, the northern gang tried to travel in the reservation box without taking a ticket on the express train from Kanyakumari to Howrah via Trichy, which has caused a sensation. This train arrived at Trichy Junction yesterday as usual. 

At that time, a large number of Northerners got into the reservation box without making a reservation and they gave a lot of trouble to those who had booked instead of sitting on the reserved seat. Shocked by this, the booked passengers got into an argument with the Northerners.  At this moment, as the train started, the passengers grabbed the safety chain and stopped the train. After that, when the railway guards and ticket inspectors came there, the passengers who booked with them complained about it. 

Then the non-reserved Northerners were dropped from the reservation coach. As a result, the train left Trichy railway station late for about an hour. There has been an increase in the number of unreserved people boarding the train's reservation compartments in recent times. Last week, the situation got so bad that a team from the Bihar state government came here to investigate the rumor that northerners were being attacked in Tamil Nadu.

 The problem was put to an end as it was confirmed that there is no lack of security for the Northerners in Tamil Nadu. In this situation, it is worrisome that northerners are increasing in gangs in trains without taking tickets or in unreserved coaches after buying tickets to travel in reserved coaches. Railways should never allow this violation. The railway administration and the police should act ruthlessly. Otherwise, people will think that train travel is unsafe. The expectation of train passengers is to find a permanent solution to this problem. Shouldn't allow even such trivial issues create a conflict. It is a warning bell.