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Today Date : Friday, April 12, 2024

Training Program on coconut  production technology for farmers

Training Program on coconut production technology for farmers

The Coconut Development Board's State Centre in Junagadh, Gujarat, organised a three-day Exposure Visit to Tamil Nadu, with financial assistance from the Board. 
Approximately twenty farmers from Gujarat participated in training sessions on coconut production technology at the Coconut Development Board’s Centre of Excellence for Coconut in Dhali.
During the visit, G. Ragothuman, Assistant Director, provided insights into the Board's mission, activities, and various developmental schemes, including Area Expansion Programme and insurance schemes for coconuts. 
Participants learned about coconut cultivation techniques, hybrid seed production, post-harvest processing, and marketing opportunities. 
The visit also included demonstrations of coconut value products and discussions on integrated pest management. 
Gujarat State officers were present at the event to observe and engage in discussions.