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Tribal village gets bus service following demand at “Meet-the People” camp

Tribal village gets bus service following demand at “Meet-the People” camp

Responding to fervent appeals made during the “Meet-the People” camp in Yercaud, Salem District, the Transport Department promptly acted by launching a dedicated bus service to Pattipadi, a tribal village on December 13, 2023.

District Collector S. Karmegam presided over the special “Meet-the People” camp on March 23, 2023, held at hill villages, Muluvi Village, Nagalur Panchayat in Yercaud Taluk. The camp served as a platform for local residents to voice their concerns directly to district-level officials.

During the session, attendees from various hill villages highlighted pressing issues, notably the lack of basic amenities such as transportation, access to clean water, and electricity. Expressing their grievances through petitions, villagers brought their plight to the attention of the assembled officers.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, District Collector S. Karmegam directed relevant departmental heads to take decisive action on the outlined demands. Specifically addressing the transport predicament, the District Collector instructed the Tamil Nadu Government Transport Corporation, Salem Divisional Managing Director, to heed the community's request for a transportation link to Pattippadi , a tribal village. Consequently, the Transport Corporation swiftly initiated a dedicated bus service to cater to the village's commuting needs.

This timely intervention by the Transport Department marks a significant step toward addressing the long-standing transportation woes faced by residents of Pattipadi, offering newfound accessibility and connectivity to the remote village.