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Today Date : Thursday, July 25, 2024

Tripartite meeting to be held to fix cane cutting cost: Collector

Tripartite meeting to be held to fix cane cutting cost: Collector

A tripartite meeting will be held at the Collectorate to decide the wages for sugarcane cutting workers in the district , said Collector Rajagopal Sunkara at the farmers grievance redressal meeting held at the Collectorate.

In response to the farmers complaints, he said the revenue department will conduct a survey regarding the damage caused by rain in Nasianur area. Adequate compensation will be given to affected farmers. Construction of barrages in Kurangan stream, extension of water opening days for Kalingarayan and Kilbavani irrigation will be discussed with the authorities and announced soon. Once the paddy harvest starts, the direct paddy procurement centers will be opened.

The following are the details of the demands put forward by the representatives of the farmers' associations: C. Nallasamy: An instrument to know the amount of rain has been placed at Arachalur in Erode district.  So, Arachalur should also be included in the rainfall information published by the revenue department. 

Periyaswamy:  Large number of non-farmers have been recruited as members of farmers' cooperative societies. Only genuine farmers should be recognized as members and put in voters list. There is a possibility of constructing a barrage at 6 places in the Kurangan stream near Kodumudi. Steps should be taken to remove the encroachments on this stream.

VP Gunasekaran: About 25 children are going to school in the hill village of Vilangombi. But in the absence of vehicle facilities there, they are being taken in cargo vehicles. Currently, due to heavy rains, vehicular traffic is completely blocked due to overflowing water in 4 big streams and children are unable to go to school.

AM Munusamy: Gur markets are functioning at Chithode and Kaunthappadi. Poor quality gur came from Maharashtra to the markets. Therefore, preventive measures should be taken to check it. 

VR Venkatachalam: Banana farms are being damaged to a large extent due to rain and wind. So the affected farmers should be given adequate compensation. Odathurai pond has an area of ​​400 acres. But ,only 280 acres are available due to encroachment. Action should be taken to remove the encroachments.