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Today Date : Sunday, April 21, 2024

Truth & meaning of what M.K Stalin  revealed!

Truth & meaning of what M.K Stalin revealed!

Following Minister SenthilBalaji, the enforcement department has jumped on another DMK minister, Ponmudi. As it happened last time, Chief Minister Stalin's opposition parties are on the venue in Bengaluru to attend a meeting.
They are interrogating Minister Ponmudi from 10 am till 3.30 am. He is 72 years old and already has many problems in his body. What kind of mental and physical stress would this 21-hour interrogation have given him?
The Supreme Court has warned several times that investigative bodies should not act inhumanely. But the enforcement department doesn't seem to care about anything. Past tests are proof of this.
``Do you only see DMK ministers? In the last 10 years, cases against AIADMK ministers includeRs 127 crore property transfer case andGutka case which are pending. Many searches took place during the AIADMK regime. Did any result come out of it? ` Who will answer this question raised by DMK? What is the answer?
Who is delaying the inquiry and for what reason, thinking that all AIADMK ex-ministers are good? DMK alleges that Governor Ravi is the reason for targeting Ponmudi.Politically and governmentally, the appointment of vice-chancellor, new education policy, etc. was not accepted. It was Ponmudi who remained ideologically opposed to the Governor. Governor went to Delhi last week. Enforcement is coming next week.
What evidence are you looking for in 2023 for a case that happened in 2007? What can you get? 10 years later will the document be found? The Enforcement Directorate has been leaking selected information about seizure of assets worth crores to create disrepute. Is there any official word from the enforcement department? It is to spoil the name. DMK has made a strong allegation that they are acting like this to dishonour the DMK government.
Chief Minister M. K. Stalin said, ``Ponmudi will deal with the case according to law. We will not worry even if we complain,' he replied in a low voice and left for Bengaluru. It is worth noting that M. K. Stalin has said a fact that the Governor and the enforcement department are engaged in campaigning for DMK. Its inner meaning is that the actions of the Governor and the enforcement department are indelibly imprinting the rising sun symbol on the minds of the voters of Tamil Nadu.
So, the raid at Ponmudi house is a direct threat from the Union BJP government to the DMK through the enforcement department. Union BJP government's intention is to somehow disrupt the consolidation of opposition parties. It is being recorded in people's minds that this has emerged as the enforcement department search.
Let's see what happens next!