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Today Date : Saturday, May 18, 2024

TUs urge CM to repeal  anti labour GOs

TUs urge CM to repeal anti labour GOs

Leaders of All Trade Union Confederation, led by AITUC state secretary S Chinnasamy,  appealed to the Chief Minister to repeal anti labour GOs immediately. In this regard, they submitted a petition to Housing Minister Su Muthusamy. The GOs are: 1)No: 152 Municipal Administration and Drinking Water Supply Department Dated: 20-10-2022, 2) No:116 MunicipalAdministration and Drinking Water Supply Department Date: 24-08-2022, 3) Nos: 111,113,113 Municipal Administration and Drinking Water Supply Department Date: 17-08-2022 4) Municipal Executive Director, Chennai vide Circular No:21787/2021/EA2 Dated:02-10-2021.  

They said that the GO 152 will reduce the existing 35,000 permanent jobs in the Municipal Corporations to 3417, and hand over the service works to be carried out by the Municipal Corporations, especially waste management, public health,  drinking water supply, street light maintenance and sewerage projects, etc to private agencies and eliminate 20 types of works, prohibit filling up of  vacancies in those works.  It is against the welfare of the people and the welfare of the workers, they noted.

They said most important basic services in Municipal Corporations are solid waste management, sewage disposal, drinking water supply and public sanitation. Most of the sanitation workers who are carrying out the work belong to the Scheduled Castes.  They are the people who are working without regard for their lives during calamities. Under the Minimum Wages Act, 1948 (GO No:62, Dated:11.10.2017), District Collector ( Proceedings No.6492/2022/A2 , Date 30.06.2022) notified minimum wage of Rs.707 per day for cleanliness workers. In addition, 

the special incentive was announced by the government for the corona virus period of April,  May and June 2021 for them. They requested the minister to order payment of the wages and incentives as per the norms to the workers.