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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

TVK plea to hold Caste-Wise census

TVK plea to hold Caste-Wise census

 Caste-wise census should be conducted by the Chief Minister and reservation benefits should be given according to the population of respective castes Jyoti Kumaravel, chief coordinator of Tamil Nadu Vazhvurimai Katchi (TVK) state media wing said.

The party members staged a demonstration at Erode Collector's office to emphasize this demand. He said  the Sattanathan Commission in 1972 was constituted by  the then CM Karunanidhi and during the MGR regime, the Ambasankar Commission was constituted in 1985.  

Both conducted a caste wise survey but these two governments did not release the repirts. It may have been not published because of the fear that non-Tamil castes would be affected if the reservation policy was implemented. 

In the previous AIADMK regime, 10.5 percent reservation was given to Vanniars. But it was struck diwn by HC on the ground of no proper data  was available for Vanniya population.State Government appealed against it in the Supreme Court. 

10.5 percent seat reservation was determined according to the survey taken many years ago.  It is said that there are 1.4 crore Vanniyars at that time.But now there are two crore Vanniyars, so we should have 15% reservation. 

There is already 69 percent reservation in Tamil Nadu and when some people went to the Supreme Court against this, the court itself ordered caste wise census.  During the last census, caste wise  census was conducted.  

But it was not published. The 2021 population  census was stopped due to Corana. So, it can be conducted with caste wise census. 

As the Supreme Court has already ordered to conduct castewise census and there is 10.5% reservation issue, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister can order such census now for the benefit of all castes.