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Today Date : Thursday, May 23, 2024

Two big shocks for two  parties in Erode By-elections

Two big shocks for two parties in Erode By-elections

The two biggest shocks in the Erode East by-election are for the NaamTamilarKatchi and the DMDK. 
In the last election, NaamTamilarKatchi candidate got 11,629 votes. This is 7.65 percent of the votes cast. But this time NaamTamilar Party has got only 10,804 votes. This is 800 votes less than last time and the voter turnout has also decreased. Last time, the party got 7.65 percent votes, this time it got only 5 percent votes.

During the election campaign, the chief coordinator of the party, Seeman, spoke about Mudaliyars and Arundhatiyars, which created a lot of controversies. It also raised questions about whether he was trying to garner votes by dividing the electorate socially and linguistically.

But in the field of campaigning, NaamTamilarKatchi members were very active in campaigning. DMK, AIADMK Parallel to these parties we could see the campaign of the Tamil party. Even beyond that campaign, the party's backlash is noticeable.

The party that has suffered the worst setback in this election is the DMDK. After the formation of this constituency in 2008, the AIADMK won the 2011 elections. The constituency was allotted to DMDK in the alliance. Chandrakumar was fielded and he won. In the subsequent elections, the party suffered setbacks in this constituency.

But this time, when the by-election was announced for this constituency, DMDK announced that the candidate with great enthusiasm. A major reason for this is that this is a block they already have. But when Vijayakanth's health was very bad, PremalathaVijayakanth and her sons joined the campaign. When they were not on the campaign trail, the DMDK was understaffed and underfunded.

Finally the party got only 949 votes. This failure can have huge negative consequences for the party. Already in the assembly elections of 2021, the party, along with AmmaMakkalMunnetraKazhagam, contested in just 60 constituencies and suffered a crushing defeat.

This failure has left the party with nonbargaining power in the upcoming elections and the major parties are thinking of including the party in their Alliances. Erode East Constituency by-election does not determine only victory and defeat.  But the truth is that the future of some parties has become questionable in this election !