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Today Date : Sunday, July 21, 2024

UK Labour Party’s triumphs with bold reforms resonate with TN’s social welfare model

UK Labour Party’s triumphs with bold reforms resonate with TN’s social welfare model

The Labour Party in the United Kingdom has disrupted the political landscape, ending a 14-year Conservative Party rule with its robust policies aimed at reversing economic decline and social welfare measures.

The party’s manifesto presented clear goals for economic recovery and a strong welfare agenda. Key proposals included free breakfast clubs in schools, a college student fund, and the revival of a mass subsidized housing scheme reminiscent of those implemented in the 1960s.

The Tamil Nadu Government’s Department of Information was quick to highlight similarities between its own welfare programs and those proposed by the British Labour Party. Notably, the Chief Minister's Breakfast Program parallels Labour's free meal initiative. Other significant schemes include the Naan Muthalvan Scheme, which aims to bridge the gap between education and employment, and the Kalaingar Kannavu Veedu Thittam (Dream House Scheme), where the government covers the majority of costs for building homes for the homeless, allowing beneficiaries to construct their dream houses.

Voters in the United Kingdom overwhelmingly supported the Labour Party, delivering a landslide mandate. This change of guard is significant amidst a global trend towards right-wing conservative ideologies.

One major reason for the rise of welfare-oriented, socialistic policies in the neoliberal era is the increasing disparity in living conditions. Globalization, unbridled free markets, and center-right policies have often widened the gap between the wealthy and the poor. When such policies fail to bring tangible improvements to people's lives, a preference for strong welfare governments becomes inevitable.

Tamil Nadu has experienced this shift, with voters supporting the DMK and its strong social welfare policies. States in India and advanced countries like Canada have recognized the value of Tamil Nadu’s breakfast scheme, seeing it as a necessary measure that aligns with their own policies.

The people of Tamil Nadu can take pride in their state being viewed as a model as countries worldwide seek effective policies to address the challenges of free-market regimes.