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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

UN pledge to eliminate Sexual Slavery!

UN pledge to eliminate Sexual Slavery!

The United Nations has issued a statement on the situation of international workers. According to the statement, by the end of last year, 2.8 crore people were engaged in forced labour; 2.2 crore people live in forced marriage. 

That means nearly 5 crore people are forced into the above modern slavery. Compared to last year 2016, modern slavery has increased to 93 lakh people last year alone. Modern slavery is increasing especially due to factors like corona epidemic, climate change and geopolitical conflicts. Among them, women and children are mostly affected. One in five of them is forced into forced labour.

And more than half of them have been 'victims of commercial sexual harassment,' the report indicated.The United Nations has set major goals and targets to end all forms of modern slavery by 2030.May this effort of the UN to protect women who are trapped in sexual harassment succeed.Let there be a world without slaves!