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Today Date : Friday, June 14, 2024

Uncertainty looms over Chief Ministers’  selection

Uncertainty looms over Chief Ministers’ selection

The BJP leadership is having difficulty deciding which candidate would be the chief minister of the states that it won, one week after the election results were declared. The Chhattisgarh Chief Minister was finally announced by the high command of the BJP yesterday. But in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, the drag is still on.
Shivraj Singh Chauhan served as the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh. Whether he would be appointed chief minister once more is uncertain given the BJP's victory and continued hold on power. As a result it is speculated that Narendra Singh Tomar, Prakalat Patel, and other MP who resigned from the posts are deliberately stepping up to assume the position of Chief Minister. They are allegedly using those close to them to exert pressure on the party's leadership.
On the other hand JyotiradityaScindia, the Union Minister, is deftly rearranging the pieces. JyotiradityaScindia appears to be vying for the position of chief minister, as he is demonstrating his influence in Gwalior's Sambal area.
In Rajasthan, out of the 200 constituencies, the BJP secured 115 seats, claiming power from the Congress, which obtained 69 seats. However, selecting a Chief Minister after this victory has proven challenging for the BJP. There are rumors that BJP leader VasundaraRaje opposes the idea of appointing Scindia as Chief Minister. Due to concerns about her independent decision-making, the BJP appears inclined to consider other candidates for leadership, with a purported interest in nominating God man Balaknath. Despite this, VasundaraRajeScindia seems resolute about now back stepping from contesting for the Chief Minister position. 
In the meanwhile, RajyavarthansinghRathore and DiyaKumari are contenders for the position of chief minister. Union Minister PiyushGoyal is camped out in Rajasthan in the midst of a fierce rivalry amongst powerful figures to become the next Chief Minister. There are rumors that an MLA meeting may take place tomorrow. 
According to his supporters, VasundharaRaje, who has held the position for two times, will take over as Chief Minister.
In order to choose the Chief Ministers of the two states, high-ranking officials have been appointed. But after so many days following the election, the all-important question, “who is their chief minister?” is yet to be answered. 
The inability to know that has left the people of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan perplexed and tense in a way.
In this World Cup match, a cricket player was sent off with the ball being one second late.
In a similar vein, what does it matter if the Election Commission established a few-day deadline for choosing the Chief Minister? Individuals shouldn't be tense for naught!