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Today Date : Friday, July 19, 2024

Upstox empowers Tamil Nadu investors, surpassing 60% first-time users

Upstox empowers Tamil Nadu investors, surpassing 60% first-time users

Upstox, a leading investment platform in India, has announced revamped features on its app to simplify investing for Indian investors. 

The platform aims to make the investment process seamless, intuitive, and engaging. With over 1 crore customers, Upstox has experienced significant growth in the Tamil Nadu market, with 62% of subscribers being first-time investors. 
The largest segment of subscribers in Tamil Nadu is millennials, representing 61.5% of the base. In Chennai, professionals make up nearly 16% of the subscriber base, three times higher than the national average.
Upstox has launched two distinct modes within the app: "Invest mode" for long-term investment needs across stocks, mutual funds, and more, and "Pro" or "Trade" mode for advanced traders seeking features like fast charts, real-time information, and a reliable platform for options trading. 

This dual-mode interface is the only one available to all users.
Upstox has evaluated hundreds of mutual fund schemes based on their risk and reward ratio, curated some of the top ones in each category. 

The brand seeks to provide users with the best in-app experience for investments in mutual funds and offers information and research to enable well-informed decisions. Co-founder ShriniViswanath expressed gratitude for the company's efforts in creating awareness about financial investment and fostering a culture of diverse financial investing.

Upstox's vision is to make investing simple, affordable, and accessible to everyone, transforming the way customers invest by making it intuitive and hassle-free. 
The company's diverse customer base highlights its efforts to foster an investing culture across India by offering an easy-to-use, equitable, and affordable platform.

Upstox is also providing users with practical guidance throughout their investment journey, conducting online and offline learning sessions on topics such as Mutual Funds, Technical Analysis, Options Trading, and more. 
This holistic approach empowers individuals to learn, make informed decisions, invest, and trade within their platform, providing a comprehensive and all-encompassing experience for investors.