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Today Date : Wednesday, July 17, 2024

VHP plea to protect  Temple Assets

VHP plea to protect Temple Assets

The state executive committee meeting of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) was held in Erode. Kesavaraj, national organizer of the organization presided over the two-day camp of VHP North Tamilnadu. 

North TN VHP President Su Srinivasan,Vice President Ilango and State Secretary Gnanaguru, Executives Karthikeyan, Ramalingam and Pradeep Jain and more than 350 administrators from 22 districts attended and discussed about the work to be done during the next 6 months and about strengthening the organization by establishing branches at the village and union level. 

Following this the following resolutions were passed: "Hindu temple properties should be maintained and protected. The revenue generated by Hindu temples belongs to the temples. So, expenditure should be made only for the welfare of Hindus and for the development and protection of Hindu culture. 

The properties of Hindu temples should not be sold for any reason. Property and buildings in Hindu temples should not be rented or leased to non-Hindus. 

A Kosala should be set in each district to protect cows there. 
The temple properties have languished in private hands without proper protection due to the negligence of the government. They should be restored to temples.