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Today Date : Monday, May 20, 2024

Video of PTR: Trending on the Internet!

Video of PTR: Trending on the Internet!

Speaking at an event held in Uttar Pradesh, Prime Minister Modi said that free schemes are very dangerous for the country's development. Also, some people think that they can buy people's votes by announcing free schemes.

People should unite and defeat this bad culture. The culture of free planning should be eradicated from Indian politics," he said. Debates about free programs followed in the public domain. Modi's comments were opposed by various parties.

Tamil Nadu Finance Minister P.T.R PalanivelThiagarajan participated in a debate held in a private media while the case on whether political parties can give free projects as promises is going on in the Supreme Court. So, what are freebies? Should they be formalized? So who is doing it, asked the moralist.

Responding to this, P.T.R PalanivelThiagarajan said: This discussion was held earlier when the 15th Finance Committee published its norms. Then he said that he raised a question as to how to define a project as a good free project and a bad free project. On what basis does the Supreme Court act as a watchdog on how funds are handled?

In the constitution no court, not just the Supreme Court, has the power to decide how people's money is spent. Only legislatures with representatives elected by the people have that power. Also, 'If freebies are evil, why did the Prime Minister fly from Delhi to Chennai to launch the Rs 25,000 subsidy scheme of the AIADMK government's worst free scheme?'

Similarly, if you say that Tamil Nadu is a state that provides freebies, two things have to be mentioned. Compared to all states in India, Tamil Nadu ranks first in per capita income, human resource development, social development, enrollment rate in higher education etc. 

Our fiscal deficit is less than the borrowing limit. The fiscal deficit of Tamil Nadu is less than the fiscal deficit of the central government.

How can anyone tell us how we can work better. People will decide whether we are working properly. Thus he replied. Modi feels that efficiency will not grow due to freebies. 

Freebies only provide a temporary solution. On the contrary, Modi said that he thinks that the government should do welfare schemes that can develop skills and abilities.

To this PalanivelThiagarajan replied "You have to have a foundation in one subject or you have to have special expertise. You have to have a double PhD in economics or you have to have something that says you know better than us.

Or you must have recorded a performance that has the economy. None of this is what you did.
If we pay 1 rupee to the exchequer of the Union government, we don't get 30, 33 paise. 

What else do you want me to do?You can advise us if your achievements and activities are better than ours. If you've paid off debt, fixed the economy, and raised your personal income, we want to hear from you”.

His speech is trending on the internet. Especially North Indians are appreciating the speech of Tamil Nadu Finance Minister. North Indians are appreciating that the Minister of Tamil Nadu is speaking to the whole of India when there is no one to speak like this in North India. Many netizens are praising P.T.R PalanivelThiagarajan.

Tamil Nadu also admires Minister PalanivelThiagarajan's argumentative skills!