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Today Date : Tuesday, May 21, 2024

War clouds surrounding the Governor

War clouds surrounding the Governor

For Governors the only big difference between the ruling state governments headed by the BJP and the opposition. 

There is not even  a small level of trouble from the Governor in the BJP rulled states. But in the non BJP rulled states without any exception there is clash between the stare government and the Governor.
The Governors give a certain amount of pressure on the state governments from discharging people's welfare work. The relationship between the government and the Governor is deteriorating. Denying approval for introducing bills, delaying, returning the bills are their main activities.

In Tamilnadu more than 20 bills are put in the back burner. Even in the ordinance for the ban of online gambling which plays with lives of people the Governor R.N Ravi is delaying.
The High Court repraminded the Governor in the case of releasing Perarivalan yet his adamancy remains unchanged.

Besides this he meets frequently  Annamali the  Tamilnadu State President of the BJP, makes public speeches in support of Sanathana Dharma and talking politics in college functions etc., are strongly condemned by the DMK and it's allies and have started protests against the Governor.
No self respecting Tamilian will accept the Governor 's approach. A climate of trust and good will must prevail between the State Government and the Governor. The Tamilnadu Government should function without any hindrance.
Will it happen?