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Today Date : Sunday, April 14, 2024

Water will be released for irrigation from LBP dam tomorrow

Water will be released for irrigation from LBP dam tomorrow

Water from Keezhbavani dam will be opened for irrigation at 8 am tomorrow,  Housing Minister 
S Muthusamy said today.He inaugurated the anti-drug awareness march of students at Erode Railway Colony Government HSS. The minister said that this awareness campaign against drug addiction will be held till August 19.

Up to 60000 students from 240 government schools in the district are participating in this event. Essay writing and oratorical competitions are being held. Apart from this, private schools are also conducting this awareness campaign. Strict action wilyl be taken against drug dealers whose assets will be confiscated. Vigilance will be tightened in District borders,Tollgates, Bus and Railway stations to check drug trade. The traders will be rehabilitated if they refine themselves.  in drug sales. 

The government planned to gradually close down the liquor shops.  If there are liquor shops near government schools, action will be taken to close them down. The Chief Minister will attend various events in Erode on  25th and 26th. He will provide government aid to 80000 people and inaugurate 85 projects.

 Keezhbavani Dam was overflowing. So, water was released from the dam in the Keezhbavani canal yesterday. Earlier it was released in the Bhavani river. However, officially the water will be released from the dam in the canal tomorrow at 8 am as usual, he added. Collector H Krishnaunni presided over the function.