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Today Date : Saturday, May 18, 2024

WayCool Foods initiates  largest Miyawaki urban forest

WayCool Foods initiates largest Miyawaki urban forest

Propelling its NetZero vision further, Waycool Foods, one of India’s leading food and agri-tech platform, announced the launch of the city's largest Miyawaki Urban Forest. Joining hands with the Center of Urban Biodiversity Conservation and Education (CUBE) and Tamil Nadu Forest Department, WayCool Foods will be planting over 7,000 saplings of 80 native variety plants at Kurichi, Coimbatore. 

The forest is currently being developed in over a 20,000 sq.ft landscape and with an aim to strengthen their efforts to sow the seeds for a green and sustainable future. The inauguration was headed by T. K Ashok Kumar, IFS, District Forest Officer, Coimbatore Division.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Srinidhi S Rao, Head - Sustainability, WayCool Foods, said, “WayCool’s vision is to become a NetZero emissions company. Today we are happy to start the work on our second Miyawaki project in the city of Coimbatore. 

WayCool launched its first Miyawaki Forest in Chennai, with over 3,000 saplings planted.

The Kurichi Miyawaki Forest, the second in line, after its full growth is estimated to sequester approximately 406,000 kgCO2e (~406 tonnes) of emissions from the atmosphere. 

This is equivalent to neutralizing the operational carbon footprint of two warehouse facilities of the Company.