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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Welcome to idli ATMs

Welcome to idli ATMs

We have seen that ATMs usually only accept cash. If you want to buy idli (steamed rice cake), you don't have to go to a restaurant and wait. When you put money in an ATM, it automatically releases idli and chutney to go with it. This unique ATM has been launched in Bangalore and has been a surprise and has received a huge response.

This automatic idli serving machine has attracted huge attention online worldwide. How are idlis prepared from this machine? Are they tasty and of good quality? The question was now raised. How many people welcome idli ATM? Some people have expressed the opposite opinion that it tastes less than homemade idli and costs a bit more.

It is not an impossible task for the company that manufactures idli ATM to the extent that the world is amazed, to address and improve the minor defects that are currently being pointed out.
Idli is one of the most important traditional dishes of our country. Especially in Tamil Nadu, there is no breakfast and dinner menu without idli.

There is no doubt that when these idli ATMs are installed abroad, they will be well received. Idli ATMs should be installed at airports and malls and key locations abroad.  The day is not far away when ATMs are manufactured to dispense other Indian dishes also. It will soon become a cultural export.

Businessman Anand Mahindra has greatly appreciated and congratulated that this idli ATM manufactured by Bangalore based start-up company is really a big boon and more machines should be manufactured and exported to the world countries soon. There is no doubt that ATM centers offering health benefits of our national food, Idli, will be widely established.  Welcome idli ATMs.