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Today Date : Thursday, July 18, 2024

What is the way to bring Sri Lanka back to normal?

What is the way to bring Sri Lanka back to normal?

Sri Lanka is hit by severe financial crisis over the last few months. The public have been put to immense hardships because of this. 

When their very livelihood was uncertain the people conducted peaceful protests demanding the resignation of President GotabayaRajapaksa and that of the Prime Minister MahindaRajapaksa. 

One of their demands was fulfilled with the resignation of MahindaRajapaksa. But Sri Lanaka plunged into violence andbloodshed as MahindaRajapaksa’s supporters began to attack the protesting public. MP AmarakeerthiAthukoralawas killed by an unidentified gang.

 Tensed situation prevails widely in Sri Lanka following the torching of MahindaRajapaksa’s house. The public have vandalised the statue of T. A Rajapaksa, the father of the Rajapaksa brothers. A nationwide curfew has been clamped.  

It is under these circumstances amidst severe economic situation, the question whether President GottabayaRajapakse will resign has risen. 

As the opposition parties have declined to take over the Prime Minister’s post, the demand for resignation of the President is intensifying.Opposition parties may try to oust the President. But it requires 2/3 majority in the floor of the parliament to do this.

 It may not be easy though. 
However if the President resigns on his own there would be a general election. But the economic crisis may hinder the conduct of the election. The opposition parties want the President post itself to be abolished. Whether this will happen is also uncertain because GotabayaRajapaksa will not want to quit his post.

Currently the armed forces have been ordered to bring violence under control. The President has appealed to the people to maintain peace. The big question that remains is whether the people who demand the resignation of the President will respond to his appeal? Against the chaos and conflict the future of Sri Lanka is a big question. Let there be a positive end to the situation.