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Today Date : Friday, July 12, 2024

What Modi says and BJP does are  different!

What Modi says and BJP does are different!

The BJP has released its election manifesto as the assembly elections are about to be held in Karnataka. It has released some freebie schemes as important promises. BJP National President J.P. Nadda, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bummai and former Chief Minister Yeddyurappa published the election manifesto.
The manifesto stated that the poor will be given 5 kg of rice and pulses every month for free, 10 lakh houses will be constructed for homeless poor, a fixed deposit of Rs.10,000 will be given for 5 years to the scheduled caste.  BPL plan users will get 3 gas cylinders free on Yugadi, Vinayagar Chaturthi and Diwali. Free physical examination is allowed for senior citizens throughout the year. Free bus pass will be provided to 30 lakh working women and students. 80% subsidy will be given to those setting up solar pump sets.
Just two days ago PM Modi had advised not to announce freebies as election promises as it would affect the financial resources of the states & development projects.
Even in some previous state elections, he had said that there should be no freebies. But his party, the BJP, has promised freebies in its election manifesto and cast a net for votes. The same continues in Karnataka. The Prime Minister said that there should be no freebies...but the election manifesto has been prepared with freebies as the focus. If the BJP had entered the Karnataka elections saying that they will not give anything for free, the country would have praised Prime Minister Modi.
Is it right for Prime Minister Modi to talk against freebies when the party he controls cannot implement his policies? His words are and actions are apparently contradictory.
Congress has also announced Rs.2000 entitlement amount and free electricity for the heads of households in their election promises. But the party did not say that there should be no freebies. Congress accepts Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K.Stalin's emphatic view that freebies will raise the economic status of the people and improve the standard of living.
The BJP, which refuses to accept this idea, is announcing freebies including free bus passes while Prime Minister Modi is campaigning in Karnataka. Why this discrepancy? Will Prime Minister Modi open his mouth during his ongoing campaign about BJP's announcement of freebies?
The people of the country are muttering that all this is normal in politics!