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Today Date : Monday, June 24, 2024

Why the rush to implement "One Country One Election" policy?

Why the rush to implement "One Country One Election" policy?

The Central Government is planning to introduce the 'One Nation One Election' scheme to conduct simultaneous elections to the Parliament and the State Assemblies. Union BJP government is making serious efforts to implement this scheme in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections itself.

While various parties including DMK and Communists have opposed the project, the opposition party in Tamil Nadu AIADMK has expressed its support. AIADMK claims that 'one country, one election' will reduce government expenditure.

The DMK, which has been opposing the 'One Nation, One Election' policy since the beginning, has registered its opinion with the Law Commission in Delhi. The letter written by DMK chief and Chief Minister M.K.Stalin was given directly to the Law Commission by the party's Member of Parliament, Wilson. Stalin has said, 'One Nation One Election' is an impractical scheme therefore this project should be abandoned. Chief Minister M. K. Stalin has also explained the reasons for that.

Political parties are also raising the alarm that one country and one election will lead to presidential rule.
However, the fact that the Union government is rushing to come up with a single country and single election plan for the 2024 parliamentary elections without conducting adequate consultations has raised doubts. State government should not be dissolved on the pretext of holding simultaneous elections. Rushing in this project is never beneficial. No doubt it will backfire. Let’s say no to this perverse game!