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Today Date : Friday, May 24, 2024

Wild elephant Baahubali  struggles find a way into the forest in Coimbatore

Wild elephant Baahubali struggles find a way into the forest in Coimbatore

Baahubali, the wild elephant known for its periodic visits to Mettupalayam near Coimbatore, found itself in a difficult situation as it navigated through unfamiliar territory in search of the Bhavani river.
For over four years, Baahubali has been a familiar presence in the vicinity of Mettupalayam, often venturing out of the forest in the evenings to consume agricultural crops and quench its thirst from the Bhavani river before retreating to the nearby forest in the morning.
This routine is mixed with periodic disappearances into the dense forest for several months, only to resurface again later. Notably, Baahubali has never displayed aggression towards humans and remains unfazed even when attempts are made to deter it.
However, during its recent outing in areas like Samayapuram, Odanthurai, Dasampalayam, and Nellithurai, Baahubali encountered an unexpected obstacle. 
Its usual route to the Bhavani river was obstructed by a newly fenced-off garden, leaving the elephant visibly perplexed. Despite attempts to chase it away, Baahubali eventually retraced its steps, pondering an alternative path.
Subsequently, the elephant cautiously made its way back to the main road, diligently seeking an alternative route to its destination. 
As the forest department continues to monitor Baahubali's movements, the community remains vigilant, ensuring both the safety of residents and the welfare of the wandering