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Today Date : Monday, May 20, 2024

Will  CM Stalin go to  Supreme Court?

Will CM Stalin go to Supreme Court?

In states ruled by the opposition parties, when the BJP fails to take power through the democratic process of elections, it is a practice to engage in work that undermines the dignity of democracy, such as conducting horse trading, breaking up the ruling party, creating some factions and overthrowing the government.
In the states ruled by other parties, the governors are becoming political pawns to stage these games of the BJP perfectly. This is not conducive to the country's democracy and is dangerous. 

The governors too, thinking that their power is sky high, do not quickly approve the bills passed by the people's representative assembly, put them on hold for an indefinite period, suspend even the amendment laws that change the Governor to be the university chancellor; run a competitive government, delay the constitution without giving a date for holding the assembly. They are doing political tricks to win the trust of the superiors by openly indulging in hostile activities.

The governors also do not see that the Supreme Court has repeatedly pointed out in many cases in this regard. The Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court overturned the ruling of Shiv Sena-Congress-Nationalist Congress-led coalition by dividing the ruling Shiv Sena party in Maharashtra state and bringing another government through a confidence vote (that too in the middle of the night). 

Similarly, regarding an issue of the Telangana Assembly a case is going to be heard in the Supreme Court on the 20th about the Governor's politics. The Governor of Tamil Nadu has not taken it into consideration. Even the life-saving prevention bill to ban online gambling, which killed 45 people, was delayed for 142 days and sent back, claiming that the Legislature did not have the power to pass such a bill.

 Is it fair for the governor to refuse to even accept the argument that the development of Tamil Nadu will be affected if the bills are not approved? First, how did the governor approve the ordinance to ban online gambling? If the state government has no right to a permanent law. The governor did not give a clear answer to this question. Dravidar Kazhagam General Secretary K. Veeramani in a bid to bell the cat has said that the Tamil Nadu government should stop being patient and file a case in the Supreme Court like other opposition states in case the governor misbehaves.

Yes, the Tamil Nadu government is going to pass the online ban bill  in the assembly and send it to him. He has no choice but to give it ascent. Many other bills have been languishing in the Governor's House for months. Therefore, like other states, the Tamil Nadu government should go to the Supreme Court and find a legal ground for Chief Minister M.K.Stalin to recover his rights.  There is no doubt that entire Tamil Nadu will support such a step. Sir, why is there still delay?