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Today Date : Thursday, May 23, 2024

Will India make  Katchathevu its own?

Will India make Katchathevu its own?

Will Sri Lanka return to India Katchatheevu island which is the bone of contention between the two countries.
Close on heels after Ranil Wikremesinge took over as the Prime Minister a Swiss company reportedly took the Uchchamuni island on lease.

The 1500 acre land space inhabited by 200 fisher folks, Uchchamuni was reportedly leased out for 30 years at a pricey amount of 417 million dollars. It is not clear what infrastructure will be developed in the island. Sri Lanka's Tourism Guideline Society has accused that no environmental assessment certificate for infrastructure development was obtained.

Already the people of India have been long demanding the return of Kartchatheevu which was given away by India to Sri Lanka. In the current situation, India is giving huge amount of credit to Sri Lanka. Hence it is being stressed that as the Uchamuni Island, India should stress on taking back Katchatheevu on long lease. It is also being suggested that India can demand the return of the island.

The suggestion seems to be valid. If Katchatheevu comes back to India's fold, it will pave the way for permanent solution for the conflict between fisher men of the two countries.
Arrests of Tamilnadu fishermen and seizure of their boats by Sri Lankan security forces will be reduced. Goodwill between the two countries will improve. Fisher men of the two countries use to throng to the St. Antony's Church festival.

Whether Katchatheevu is permanently acceded to India or leased out for 99 years, it will  earn a good name for Prime Minister Narendra Modi among Tamils.