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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Will Kejariwal’s efforts yield results?

Will Kejariwal’s efforts yield results?

In Delhi, there were frequent clashes between the Aam Aadmi Party led by Chief Minister
Arvind Kejriwal and the Lieutenant Governor. While the case was pending in the Supreme
Court, it was later transferred to the Constitution Bench. A bench headed by Chief Justice
Chandra Chute heard the case and gave a verdict.

Delhi has legislative powers even though it does not have statehood. Therefore, the
Supreme Court ruled that in a democratic country, the government elected by the people
should have more power than the lieutenant governor. The central government immediately
decided to introduce a new law in Parliament to overturn the Supreme Court's verdict. For
this purpose, on May 19, the central government issued an ordinance.

The purpose of the new ordinance was to empower the Lt. Governor to differ from the
decision of the Delhi Government and send back the files for reconsideration. According to
this, the government cannot take decisions in the matter of transfer of officers without the
approval of the Lt. Governor.

The Delhi government filed a petition in the Supreme Court against this ordinance, which
gives the Lt. Governor the final decision on appointment and transfer of officers. The
Supreme Court has ordered to transfer this petition to a five-judge constitutional bench. Can
Parliament abrogate constitutional principles by enacting a law which takes away the right to
control the officers of the Delhi Government? The Supreme Court has announced that the
Constitution Bench will look into it. In this case, the central cabinet has now approved the
ordinance to control Delhi government officials. It is not clear when the government plans to
table the bill as Parliament is in monsoon session.

But Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal is vehemently opposing this bill. He has been meeting
opposition leaders to gather support to defeat the bill. Various opposition parties, including
the Congress party, have vowed to oppose the bill. This bill will easily pass in the Lok
Sabha. Because BJP has absolute majority there. But there is a problem in passing the bill
in the Rajya Sabha.

Will Kejriwal's attempt succeed?