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Today Date : Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Will Online Rummy Be Banned or Not?

Will Online Rummy Be Banned or Not?

There are an increased number of deaths in Tamil Nadu due to online gambling. The hidden rule is that customers who sign-in with the intention of making money, after the first win and earn a certain amount of money, will never win again.

Those who win initially meet with series of losses subsequently and they loans to play online to recover their losses. Customers who want to hold on to their cash are dying due to the stress of increasing debt. According to reports, more than 44 people have died in Tamil Nadu so far.

 In the previous AIADMK regime, the Online Gambling Prohibition  law was brought in 2020. However, a case was filed in Madras High Court on behalf of online gambling companies against the Act.Subsequently, the High Court banned the Tamil Nadu government's law. The Tamil Nadu government appealed against the ban in the Supreme Court. After this, when the DMK came to power in Tamil Nadu in 2021, there were demands to bring a strong new law to prevent suicides caused by losing money due to online gambling.

 In this situation, the bill to ban online games including online rummy was passed by voice vote in the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly on October 19 last year. The Bill was then sent to the Governor for assent. The Ordinance expired on November 27 last year. The Tamil Nadu Governor, who kept the bill passed for 4 months and 11 days under consideration, has now sent it back to the Tamil Nadu government yesterday.In this situation, political party leaders are condemning the governor who sent back the online rummy ban bill. This trend of the governor has become a talking point on social media. Regarding this, Madurai MP S.Venkatesan said in his Twitter post that the Governor did not come to Tamilnadu to cook idly or dosa. Dharmapuri DMK Member of Parliament Senthilkumar said that they have come to toast the rights of the state.  "What else can we expect from these kind of jokers, they have asked". 

Likewise, many people outside the party are also condemning the Governor. If the returned bill is again passed in the Legislative Assembly with the Governor's remarks and sent for the Governor's assent, his assent is mandatory. If it is an Ordinance approved by the State Cabinet then a Governor should give its assent without delay. That is the legal canon. Apart from this, the question arises whether the governor is concerned about public welfare. People give power to a state government only for 5 years. 

The Tamilnadu government passes a bill and sends it to the governor and after 4 months he rejects it and sends it back. Looking at this, can the state government get approval from the current governor for even four-five bills in the five-year rule? That is the big question mark in people's minds. All parties should understand that such a trend is hindering the development of the people of the state.

If it takes months to scrutinize a bill and send it back, what is the most important job for a governor? Who to blame? Can you send it back in a couple of days if you want? It seems that the public has no choice but to hit their heads. That's why Anna said on that day that the country does not need a governor and a goat does not need a beard.The BJP government is talking about changing many of the British imperial practices. First, will the Union Government take steps to abolish this governorship?