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Today Date : Thursday, July 18, 2024

Will the `green signal' fall for banning online gambling?

Will the `green signal' fall for banning online gambling?

Since many online games are like gambling, there is an increased risk of losing money. Due to this, incidents like suicides are also increasing every day.
A survey was conducted in 322 districts across the country regarding the impact of online gaming. 65 percent of them said that online gaming is gambling and should be banned. The only opinion of the people is that online gambling should be banned. There is no room for alternative opinion.
The number of lives lost due to gambling in Tamil Nadu is increasing. Not only DMK, but all parties including AIADMK, BMC, Madhyamik, Communists are determined to impose ban.
Following this, the Tamil Nadu government passed a bill to ban online gambling in the assembly and sent it to Governor Ravi for approval. It lies in the Governor's House as a stone in a well. The governor, who has not even approved a bill, has become a topic of discussion in the public arena. It is in this situation that a ``green signal'' has come from the Union Government to respond to the Governor of Tamil Nadu. Union Minister of Railways and Communications and Information Technology AshwiniVaishnav gave this ``green signal'' in an interview in Bengaluru. What does he say?

He said, "I held a consultation with the IT Ministers of all the states regarding the effects of online gaming. State ministers expressed concern about the effects of online gaming and suicides. Many people are affected by online gaming. Such games affect the harmony of society. We are going to consult all parties. Therefore, considering the effects of online games, new policies will be formulated or a new law will be brought through the Parliament soon,'' said Minister AshwiniVaishnav.

So, the Union Government has decided to bring a law against online gambling. No more politics in this matter. In order to accept the decision of the Union Government, Governor Ravi has to give his assent to the Tamil Nadu Government's Online Gambling Prohibition Bill.