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Today Date : Sunday, July 21, 2024

Will the National Examination Agency Revive from the NEET mess?

Will the National Examination Agency Revive from the NEET mess?

The NEET exam for postgraduate medical courses is suddenly postponed.
With the issue of malpractice already raging, the central government has announced the cancellation of the NEET Master's examination just 12 hours before it is to be held and is receiving strong criticism.  The chairman of the National Examination Agency, Subodh Kumar Singh, has been suddenly removed. ‘’

Parties including Congress and DMK have been continuously criticizing that the central government should answer for the irregularities and take responsibility for the emotional distress caused to the students.

Politically, these parties are planning to raise their voice in the parliamentary session starting today by emphasizing the demand to cancel the NEET exam.
Thus, the National Examinations Agency is reeling from the mess. A new law has come into force that will impose 10 years in jail and a fine of one crore rupees for those involved in irregularities such as question paper leak and embezzlement.


Will there ever be an end to examination malpractices and students' mental anguish? When will the National Examinations Agency come back to put an end to the irregularities?


Let's wait and see!