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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Will there be Jallikattubulls fury for Pongal?

Will there be Jallikattubulls fury for Pongal?

No one can forget the uprising in which the people of Tamil Nadu rose up and took to the streets when the traditionaljallikattu game of Tamil Nadu was banned. Not to be forgotten is the massive crowd at the marina.
As a result of these spontaneous protests, the ban was overturned. Jallikattu happened again.

When the Tamil month of Thai is about to be born, the people of Tamil Nadu think of Pongal festival and Jallikattu. Ahead of the upcoming birth of Thai month, Jallikattu bull rearing enthusiasts have started giving special training to their bulls. The bulls are rigorously trained with walking, mud digging, swimming and roping. Bulls are given special food like peanut candy, almonds and coconut flower.

Fifteen organizations including PETA have again filed a petition in the Supreme Court to ban jallikattu competitions, which are the symbol of Tamil Nadu, while cowherders, bull owners and the people of Tamil Nadu are looking forward to jallikattu competitions. The petition is scheduled to be heard in the Supreme Court on November 23.

In this situation, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Stalin has held a consultation on this matter at the Chennai Chief Secretariat yesterday. A consultation has been held regarding the steps to be taken on behalf of the Tamil Nadu government regarding the case filed in the Supreme Court.

Like the previous years, the expectation of Jallikattu competitions being held this year has also been raised by many parties. There is no doubt that the Tamil Nadu government will take appropriate steps to break the ban.
Let the door open; Let the jallikattu happen!