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Today Date : Sunday, May 19, 2024

Work on Ukkadam flyover intensified: 6 trees replanted

Work on Ukkadam flyover intensified: 6 trees replanted

In Coimbatore, work is underway to replant 6 trees that were to be cut down for the construction work of the Ukkadam flyover.

The flyover from Ukkadam to Athuppalam is being constructed to ease traffic congestion. In this, work is underway to set up a landing platform for the bridge in the area where the Ukkadam old fish market was.

The shops and houses in the area were demolished due to the construction work and three peepal trees, one fig tree and two neem trees had to be cut down. In this case, the volunteers, the corporation officials and the highway department decided to replant them instead of cutting them down.

Subsequently, the trees at the flyover were uprooted and replanted at another location. The 50-year-old peepal tree was uprooted with the help of machinery including earthmovers and replanted at a nearby government site. Volunteers and officials plan to replant all the six trees in a week.