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About us

Afternoon news is a digital platform disseminating news, analysis and comments.  It aims to examine India from the standpoint of the states, with a concentration on the south in particular. Afternoon news was once a newspaper that quickly gave in to the demands of the time and embraced technology to become a news website to reach a wider audience. By bringing together journalists, designers, engineers, data analysts, and product managers in our newsroom, we hope to embrace the way that the rise of social media and the influence of technology are altering journalism. The afternoon news is conscious of the media's responsibility to act ethically through its stories, analysis and discussions that have the power to inform, enlighten, and enable constructive social change. Since we live in a time of extreme viewpoints, we work to restore the news's much-needed balance. We want to analyse and delve deeply into issues that are important to citizens yet are frequently disregarded.