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Today Date : Monday, May 27, 2024

100 day program: Let it go on for ever

100 day program: Let it go on for ever

The 100-day work program highlighted as the economic empowerment of rural women is hailed by the World Bank. But is this project, which is predicted to be the largest social security scheme in the world, currently being implemented creatively? Why do political parties start complaining to the court?

The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme was introduced under the United Progressive Alliance regime to ensure 100 days of work per year per family in rural areas. A law was enacted in 2005 for this purpose. According to this, every year one member of the family will be given 100 days of work.

This project was launched in 200 districts across India including Cuddalore, Dindigul, Nagapattinam, Sivagangai, Thiruvannamalai and Villupuram districts of Tamil Nadu in February 2006. Subsequently, it was expanded to 130 more districts in April 2007 and nationwide in 2008. More than 50 crore people are benefited every year through this scheme.

In the beginning the beneficiery was paid Rs.80 per day. It has gradually increased and now up to Rs.280 per day. It is said that steps have been taken to make it Rs.300. This amount also varies from state to state. It is called 100 days work as the scheme provides 100 days of work per year. Through this, infrastructural works including repairing roads and improving water levels are being carried out in village panchayats.

This scheme does not provide manpower for agricultural work. Therefore, the demands to extend this scheme to agricultural works are on one side. In this case, the 100-day work program has been accused of misdirection, unnecessary work and financial irregularities.

In particular, Judges Krishnakumar and Vijayakumar, who heard the public interest petition filed in the Madurai branch of High Court by Manikandan from Tenkasi district, said, "The 100-day employment programs are not being conducted properly.

In this case, they have ordered to attach the Secretary of Tamilnadu Rural Development Department and have ordered the Secretary of Rural Development Department to file a report regarding the procedures of the project and the case.

This order of the High Court Bench assumes importance. It is the wish of many that the government should focus on removing the shortcomings of this creatively launched project, regularize it, monitor it and ensure that the benefits of the project reach the rural people.

There should be no ``something'' in this program to help the rural people. It is the dear request of the poor and simple people that the flaws should be removed and implemented perfectly!