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Today Date : Tuesday, July 16, 2024

11  trucks seized at Thimbam

11 trucks seized at Thimbam

Authorities confiscated eleven 12- wheeled trucks that were travelling on the Thimbam  Hill Road in          violation of High Court orderThimbam Hill Track is located in the dense forest near Satyamangalam on the Dindigul-Bangalore National Highway. 

As it is the main route connecting the states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, the track is used by more vehicles.Wild animals in the forest, including elephants, leopards, deer and tigers, occasionally cross the road in search of food and water.  Animals crossing the road are trapped in vehicles passing by and die.

Thus, the Chennai High Court banned vehicles from moving on the Thimbam hill road at night.  The verdict also said that heavy vehicles with more than 12 wheels and lorries weighing more than 16.2 tonnes should not always be allowed on the Hill Road.  

A protest was held in Satyamangalam yesterday demanding the removal of the ban. In this situation, 11      lorries with 12 wheels went from Satyamangalam to Samrajnagar, Mysore on the hill road in violation of a court order last evening. 

The lorries were seized by Gobi Regional Transport Officer Munusamy and Satyamangalam Tiger  Reserve Director incharge.