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Today Date : Monday, June 24, 2024

1800 street dogs sterilized in Erode Corporation

1800 street dogs sterilized in Erode Corporation

Erode Corporation has started sterilizing street dogs to prevent their growing menace in the city. 

Erode Maanagar DMK Secretary M Subramaniam today inspected Erode Corporation's dog sterilization center in Erode Solar area.  

The centre's officials said: Since last January 12, 1800 dogs have been sterilized here. The birth control program was being done in the Corporation nearly  five years back with the help of an NGO from Coimbatore. After that the work was stopped. Now, with the help of an NGO Animal Helping Hand from Trichy, the Corporation started the program again. For this, the Corporation has established a sterilization surgery center in Solar area. It has had 10 sheds so far with each having a capacity to accommodate 12 dogs per shed. 

An additional building has been constructed with 10 sheds. Until now a vehicle was used to catch stray dogs. Currently two vehicles are arranged. A dog catching team of 14 persons has been established for each vehicle. So far 24 dogs were operated daily. Two veterinarians were engaged by the NGO in this regard. Henceforth, each doctor can sterilise 60 dogs per day. The dogs will be cared for at the center for seven days, two days before surgery and five days after surgery. Male and female dogs are treated equally here. Corporation allocates Rs 1650 per dog for medical and food allowance. There are 28000 dogs in the corporation. Dogs are transported and released after surgery in the same place. Registers for the same area have been created online. The team catches the dog will leave the dog in same place. Female dogs have a complete hysterectomy. Male dogs have their ejaculatory ducts removed. This will not cause any harm to the dogs. After the surgery, the dogs become less vigorous. Privately bred dogs are brought to the center for surgery. But, Rs 1650 will be charged. 14 dogs infected with rabies have been treated in this center since January 12 till today. If the public complains in this regard, the corporation staff will go to the place and catch the dog. Dogs with rabies usually do not survive. Those who keep dogs at home should approach veterinarians and obtain a certificate. Then register it with the Corporation. The Corporation will take action on the complaints regarding stray dog menace.