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Today Date : Wednesday, February 21, 2024

2024 Elections: BJP has changed  target towards DMK

2024 Elections: BJP has changed target towards DMK

More than the extent to which the Congress was criticized in Parliament, the extent to which the DMK was severely criticized by the BJP has become the current debate among political commentators. The truth is that these talks of BJP are surprising.

Yes, during the no-confidence motion, Ministers SmritiIrani, Amit Shah, NirmalaSitharaman and finally PM Modi... analyze what they said. It can be seen that they have moved away from the target of answering Rahul who spoke furiously and have changed their target to criticize the DMK.

To what extent other states will be a challenge for BJP cannot be said for sure. But surely Tamil Nadu is a tough challenge. The reason for this is the artist Karunanidhi and Jayalalitha who were in power here till now. They never let BJP grow. The present Chief Minister M.K.Stalin also ruling in the way of his father.

When Prime Minister Modi first won the 2014 elections, the AIADMK alone won a total of 37 seats in Tamil Nadu. BJP alliance won only 2 seats. Jayalalitha's slogan ``Modi or this lady'' certainly cannot be easily forgotten.
But in 2019 elections DMK alliance won overall. AIADMK won only one seat. BJP won not even one. The BJP, which came to power at the center with tremendous power, and that too facing the elections under the leadership of Prime Minister NarendraModi, in both the parliamentary elections, the BJP and its allies could face a crushing defeat in Tamil Nadu.

This has given the BJP the goal of somehow defeating the DMK. Apart from this, even a survey conducted by the national media has revealed that the DMK alliance will win the most seats in Tamil Nadu in the 2024 elections. In this case, BJP's targeting of DMK has increased in the last few months.

On the one hand, the DMK is a strong support to the Congress party. Stalin played an important role in unifying other parties. Now Mamata'sTrinamool Congress, Nitish's United Janata Dal, Lalu's RJD, AamAadmi Party in Delhi and Punjab...besides the Left is said to be the main reason why Stalin's DMK has rallied behind the Congress. No wonder this has increased BJP's anger towards DMK.

2024 parliamentary elections will definitely not be like 2019. Many opposition parties are united. Almost 26 parties have come together. As a result, BJP is retaliating by targeting DMK besides Congress. All senior BJP leaders from Union Ministers SmritiIrani, Amit Shah, NirmalaSitharaman and Prime Minister Modi have attacked the DMK in the no-confidence motion debate. They did not criticize even Rahul Gandhi to this extent.Yesterday, DMK leader and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K.Stalin, in a letter written to the activists, has warned that the BJP government is trembling because of the voice of DMK MPs in Parliament.
BJP responded to every question raised by DMK MPs. Finance Minister NirmalaSitharaman responded in an extreme manner in Tamil. These talks show that DMK is the next target of BJP.

BJP is planning to give tough challenge to DMK in 2024 elections in Tamil Nadu. What weapons is the BJP going to use for that? DMK is ready to face all that.The competition has begun. It is the people who are going to be the judge and give the final verdict!