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30 lakh devotees attend Girivalam during Chitra Pournami

30 lakh devotees attend Girivalam during Chitra Pournami

During the Chitra Pournami festival at the Tiruvannamalai Arulmigu Arunachaleswarar Temple, over 30 lakh devotees, including visitors from various states and countries, participated in the sacred Girivalam ritual.

Following the festival, a comprehensive review meeting was conducted under the guidance of District Collector D Bhaskara Pandian at the District Collector's office. The meeting focused on post-festival progress across all departments, with specific discussions on departmental tasks and further directives provided by the District Collector.

To accommodate the influx of devotees on Chitra Poornami, 13 temporary bus stands were set up along nine main roads connecting the city, along with 22 sites managed by the municipality and 33 locations in panchayat areas. These stands provided essential amenities such as drinking water, restroom facilities.. Additionally, 2500 special buses and 5346 walks were organised for devotees' convenience.

Special arrangements were made for transportation, with low-fare options available through private and school buses operating at temporary stands and along the Girivalam path. Moreover, regular and special trains were scheduled, with additional buses deployed to Villupuram and Vellore to reduce crowding during Girivalam.

Extensive medical support was provided, including medical teams, ambulances, and security personnel stationed at various points, ensuring the safety and well-being of devotees. Surveillance measures were also enhanced, with the installation of surveillance cameras both inside the temple complex and along the Girivalam path.

Innovative measures were implemented to enhance devotee experience, including shaded areas to mitigate sun exposure, expedited darshan for specific groups, and the provision of refreshments to combat the heat. The district administration's efforts to ensure cleanliness, accessibility, and security along the Girivalam path were commendable, with dedicated teams working round the clock to maintain cleanliness and facilitate smooth darshan for all devotees.

Continuous water sprinkling on roads, vigilant policing, and the provision of purified drinking water along the Girivalam path further contributed to the success of the festival, ensuring a safe and memorable experience for all participants.