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Today Date : Sunday, May 19, 2024

A leopard trapped in a cage kept in Erode Thalavadi

A leopard trapped in a cage kept in Erode Thalavadi

A leopard that was hunting cattle in Thalavadi was trapped in a cage set up by the forest department on Friday.

 Rainfed agriculture and animal husbandry as the main occupation of people of Thalavadi hill area in Sathy Tiger Reserve.

In this case, the leopard, which had recently escaped from the Thalavadi forest, was lurking in the quarry there during the day and hunting cattle at night. Farmers were struggling to protect their goats and cows due to the movement of leopard and were unable to go out at night.

Therefore, they requested the forest department to erect a cage and catch the leopard that was hunting cattle.

Following this, Thalavadi forest department has kept dogs in a cage at Thammapuram and Malkothipuram on Thursday night to catch the leopard.

In this case, the leopard that came to catch the dog got stuck in the cage set up by the forest department in Thamapuram Sivasubramaniam garden on Friday morning.

When the veterinarian who came there examined the leopard, it was found to be in good condition. The villagers heard the information about the leopard's capture and eagerly came to see the leopard.

The people of Thalavadi have demanded that the captured leopard should not be released back in the Thalavadi area and should be released in Thengumarahada forest.