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Today Date : Monday, May 27, 2024

A protest for this too?

A protest for this too?

Giving free dhothi  andsaree to the poor during Pongal through ration shops has been going on for decades. They are being offered this year as well. Chief Minister M.K.Stalin on November 19, 2022 inspected the quality and colors of the free dhothiand sarees to be given to the family card holders on the occasion of Pongal festival and ordered to complete the work as soon as possible. Accordingly, the work of providing dhothiand sarees is going on in full swing.

Amidst this, the former Chief Minister and opposition leader,EdappadiPalaniswami has issued a meaningless statement that there will be a protest if free dhothi-saree freebie is not provided for Pongal. How can an opposition leader act as though he can pick and over turn anythingat  whim? Tamil Nadu government has not issued any notification that the dhothi and saree will not be provided for Pongal. Then why this declaration of protest? Similarly, BJP state president Annamalai has also commented.

All this shows their intention to disrupt the DMK-led government in some way. What can be worse than such politics? News about the review meeting led by the Chief Minister regarding the distribution of free dhothi and sareeappeared in all media. EdappadiPalaniswami did not see this too? Or has he deliberately taken up the dirty politics and lowering the quality of AIADMK?.

There is no doubt that this year too, like last year, freebies will be provided for Pongal festival. A fund of Rs.487.92 crore has been allocated for that purpose. 1 crore and 79 lakh family cardholders are also waiting for it. How did EdappadiPalaniswami get the suspicion that not even one of them had?

Tamil Nadu Handloom and Textiles Minister Gandhi has responded to EdappadiPalaniswami that the dhothi-saree required for this project are being produced with quality threads with fixed measurements and all the measures are being taken to complete the project on time. People like EdappadiPalaniswami should refrain from sneering and stop acting in the jack –in-the-box style. Is this a protest? This is not good for an ex-chief minister!