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Today Date : Thursday, May 23, 2024

A threat to OPS'  MLA position?

A threat to OPS' MLA position?

Edappadi K  Palaniswami (EPS) will henceforth act as the single powerful leader in the AIADMK. This has been clarified by the judgment of the Supreme Court on Thursday. Apart from that, it has been decided that the AIADMK general meeting held on July 11, 2022 and the resolutions passed in it will be valid. 
As a result, O. Panneerselvam will be removed from the party.

The removal of MLAs Vaithilingam, Manoj Pandian, Ayyappan, MP Rabindranath and office bearers. This raises the question about their political future. Edappadi Palaniswami has categorically stated that O. Panneerselvam (OPS), TTV Dhinakaran and Sasikala cannot be accepted into the party.

Currently Edappadi 's side is showing seriousness in Erode East constituency by-election. After this is over, the pieces will move to the post of General Secretary. Edappadi Palaniswami said in yesterday's press conference that appropriate action will be taken in consultation with senior leaders. Following this, he may lay his hands on the MLA posts of OPS and his supporters. 

Because they won by standing on AIADMK's official symbol, the double leaf and they not in that party now, there is a chance to think why only that post. So petition can be presented to Assembly Speaker through whip and all four may be recommended for disqualification. Whereas, disqualification cannot be claimed on account of removal from the party. It is possible only if they join another party.

So the next step is to approach the Election Commission. The case may also proceed in court. However, political observers say the positions of OPS and its supporting MLAs are not at risk. According to Edappadi's calculations, he will bring R.B Udayakumar as the Deputy Leader of the Opposition.

If that happens, OPS and his supporting MLAs will have to ask for separate seats in the Assembly. To participate in the Legislative Assembly for another three years  O. Panneerselvam will confirm his presence till then. 

What could be his political career after that? What is the future? Will Delhi lead him to any gains? Such questions arise. O. Panneerselvam and his supporters had built dream fortress, hoping that the verdict would be in their favour, which crumbled into hundreds of pieces.  OPS has become a lonely tree. Will the ongoing legal battle help him? What will happen? Let's  wait and see!