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Today Date : Sunday, July 21, 2024

Actor Vijay concerned about the rise in drug abuse in Tamil Nadu

Actor Vijay concerned about the rise in drug abuse in Tamil Nadu

Actor Vijay, the President of Tamilaga Vetri Kazhagam (TVK), expressed his concern over the rising drug abuse among the youth in Tamil Nadu. Speaking at the 2nd annual education award ceremony organised by TVK in Chennai, Vijay emphasised the gravity of the situation from both a parental and leadership perspective.

Addressing the students, Vijay offered some advice on friendship and its influence. He highlighted that as students grow older, they tend to spend more time with friends than with their parents, making the choice of friends crucial. He urged the students to choose good friends and avoid bad habits, advising them to correct friends involved in such activities rather than being influenced by them. He stressed the importance of maintaining one's identity and self-discipline.

Vijay voiced his concerns about the alarming increase in drug usage among Tamil Nadu's youth, stating that it is a frightening trend for him both as a parent and as a political leader. He acknowledged that controlling drug abuse is primarily the government's responsibility, though he refrained from criticising the current ruling government on this platform.

He concluded by encouraging students to focus on their own lives and safety, advocating for self-discipline and self-control. He also advised students not to be disheartened by exam failures, reminding them that success and failure are both part of life's journey.