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Today Date : Friday, July 19, 2024

Adani Foundation, Sodexo  India to support  women farmers

Adani Foundation, Sodexo India to support women farmers

The Adani Foundation, Kattupalli has been mandated to promote Organic Farming in Farmers holdings of intervened villages since last year. 

Awareness meetings were conducted in villages intervened by The Adani Foundation, Katupalli to sensitize farmers on the ill-effects of indiscriminate application of Chemical Fertilisers and Pesticides and motivate them to take up Organic Farming.

Last year, 30 farmers were supported to take up cost effective and eco-friendly Organic Methods in their holdings. 

On World Food Day 2022 Sodexo India, through its Stop Hunger Trust, joined hands with the Adani Foundation, to promote sustainable livelihoods for 600 women farmers.

Sodexo India plans to procure 500 kgs of green gram per month, produced by the women farmers from Minjur Marutham Farmers Producer Company Limited, Minjur Block, Vaazhndhu Kaattuvom Project, Government of Tamilnadu, for use in preparing fresh and healthy meals at its client sites. 

By doing so, the company reiterates its purpose of creating a better everyday for everyone to build a better life for all.