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Today Date : Sunday, July 21, 2024

Agricultural pilot projects in reviewed in Salem

Agricultural pilot projects in reviewed in Salem

In Salem District 16,114.9 hectares of agricultural crops, including paddy, corn, rye, ragi, and maize during the year 2024-25 has been cultivated said District Collector R.Brindadevi during a meeting to review progress of pilot projects in agriculture and its dependent sectors. The meeting highlighted significant advancements in agricultural initiatives aimed at bolstering the economic development of farmers in the region.

The meeting brought together departmental officers from Agriculture - Farmers Welfare, Horticulture, Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Sales and Agribusiness, Animal Husbandry, Sericulture, Cooperative, and Tamil Nadu Power Generation and Distribution Corporation. A detailed study was conducted on key topics such as the distribution and stock of seeds and chemical fertilizers, the establishment of farmers' markets, cold storages, and regulated sales halls.

The review also covered the all-village integrated development scheme, details of mulberry cultivation and silk cocoon harvest, agricultural loans, and power connections for farms. Progress on projects like agricultural machinery subsidies, village-level machinery rental centers, open well development, farm pond construction, and repair of village ponds was assessed. Additionally, the Animal Husbandry Department's Integrated Fodder Development Program was scrutinized.

Dr. Brindadevi emphasized the importance of value addition and marketing of vegetables, fruits, and other agricultural commodities through farmer producer companies. Efforts to enhance rural development through crop credit and mid-term credit via cooperative societies were also discussed.

In the 2024-25 financial year, as of May 2024, Salem district has cultivated 16,114.9 hectares of agricultural crops, including paddy, corn, rye, ragi, and maize, alongside 82,817.58 hectares of horticultural crops like cassava, tomato, onion, and chillies, totaling 98,932.48 hectares. Farmers in Salem district can sell their produce, such as coconut, groundnut, maize, and cotton, at 14 Agricultural Regulation Halls, ensuring maximum profitability, the collector said.

Concluding the meeting, Dr. Brindadevi instructed officers to ensure that government schemes effectively reach farmers.